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Glow / Shadow Effect On Text Links When Hovering Over Them

(Forumotion Forums: punBB, PhpBB 2, Invision, and phpBB 3)

This tutorial will show you how to add a glow/shadow effect to text links on your forum. This tutorial will work on all four Forumotion forum versions.

First, go to your CSS stylesheet:
Administration Panel -> Display -> Colors & Pictures -> Colors
CSS Stylesheet Tab

Enter this code -
a:link:focus, a:link:hover {
  text-decoration: none !important;
  -moz-text-blink:  none;
  -moz-text-decoration-line: none;
  -moz-text-decoration-style: solid;
  text-shadow:  0px 0px 0.9em COLOR HERE, 0px 0px 0.9em COLOR HERE, 0px 0px 0.9em COLOR HERE;
Add the color you want in the three places where it says COLOR HERE. You can use just the color name or the HEX color code.

Finally, press the submit button, and you are done.

Tutorial by slg

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